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Curbing Confusion and Contamination

RecycleCT Foundation Inc.’s public recycling outreach campaign throughout Connecticut shows how working together can improve recycling rates.

When Sherill Baldwin traveled to Nova Scotia, one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada, she saw similar signage for recycling throughout the area. Baldwin, an environmental analyst in the sustainable materials management unit at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP), says as she toured the province, regardless of where she went, she noticed universal messaging with color-coded signage for recycling being used across the province.

Baldwin brought this idea back to Connecticut. She serves as staff support for the RecycleCT Foundation Inc., a Hartford, Connecticut-based state-chartered fund that helps to raise public awareness and participation in recycling. The fund combines public and private resources to support the state’s recycling goals and material management strategies.

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Springfield Thunderbirds help Katrina King, legally blind superfan, see her favorite sport

SPRINGFIELD – Calling it a Christmas miracle might be a stretch. Luck didn’t bring Katrina King and her father, Rick, to the Civic Center parking garage in late December. No, for the Kings, some 15 years after first seeing a hockey game together, there’s few places father and daughter would rather be than at the Mass Mutual Center for a Springfield Thunderbirds game.

But timing is everything. And as the Kings departed the arena, rolling under the low-hanging, multi-colored steel beams criss-crossing the ceiling, they rolled past Thunderbirds defenseman Ed Wittchow.

Rick saw him first, riding in the car next to the Kings. He waved over, catching Wittchow’s attention.

“Hey,” Rick said, “One of your big fans is sitting in the car.”

Rick stopped, then opened the car door. And before he knew it, he said, Wittchow and his daughter, Katrina, were having a conversation. Five minutes passed, become 10, then 15, the affable Wittchow chatting her up like an old friend. They both love dogs, Katrina learned. She has two, 10-year-old Lady and seven-month-old Boomer, the younger named after the Thunderbirds mascot.

The Kings thought it was little more than a nice behind-the-scenes moment. Just a fan and one of her favorite players sharing a candid moment away from the ice.

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Stowe Family Resource Center Receives Gift

For the third consecutive year, we are proud to donate $10,000 to the Stowe Family Resource Center. The donation will fund the Learning through Play Group for the 2016-17 school year. Amy Morales, Family Resource Center Coordinator, said, “Our Learning through Play Groups are a wonderful setting for young children and families to come together to learn and grow.”

From the Hartford Courant:

Stowe Early Learning Center’s grand opening wows the Enfield community with its diversity of programs

ENFIELD — More than 100 people — including local families, town officials, and donors — attended the grand opening of the Stowe Early Learning Center Wednesday night.

The former kindergarten through sixth-grade elementary school, located at 117 Post Office Road — which was decommissioned in 2011 and used by the Capital Regional Education Council for its Public Safety Academy from July of that year until June 2014 — is now home to several collaborative initiatives of the school system, the town, and the Key Initiatives To Early Education or KITE program that focus on…

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Clean Energy Wins CNG Contract

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Clean Energy Fuels Corp., (NASDAQ: CLNE) announced that it has been awarded a multi-year contract for Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA), which provides transit services to more than 4 million people across the National Capital Region. The contract covers two transit stations that supply over 580 compressed natural gas (CNG) transit vehicles and represent approximately 6 million Gasoline Gallon Equivalents (GGEs) per year.

Clean Energy also welcomes the passage of two major climate change bills in California last week. Senate Bill 32 and Assembly Bill 197, which will require the state to cut greenhouse gas levels to 40 percent below their 1990 levels by 2030, are both expected to be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

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USA Hauling & Recycling Attends Vehicle Day at Mile Tree School in Wilbraham

USA Hauling & Recycling participated in the first annual Vehicle Day at Mile Tree School in Wilbraham, MA on June 11, 2015 along with over 20 other vehicles including “cars, trucks, tractors, fire engines, police cruisers and construction vehicles.”

“…all of these types of vehicles and more were parked right outside the Mile Tree School in Wilbraham on Thursday morning, a mechanical buffet for the eager young students.

More than 20 rolling…”

Vehicle Day
Kids learn about more then 20 vehicles, including USA Hauling & Recycling’s garbage trucks at Mile Tree School’s Vehicle Day on June 11, 2015.

History of the Garbage Man

Today is National Garbage Collector Day! Celebrate by supporting all the workers who collect our trash, recyclables and other garbage!


The Beginning

As you can imagine, the world would be a disgusting place without the garbage man. For many years people burned waste, fed it to animals, buried it, and most commonly, tossed it over their shoulder. Some cities became buried, and built over the waste, and others pioneered new ways to save their cities from vermin and disease. Recycling began as a necessity and ended up in present day as a responsibility to the environment.

History of the Garbage Man
History of the Garbage Man

The most amazing thing about garbage collection is the fact that it was there in the beginning and it will be there in the end. It was part of the package deal when we hit this planet. Our consumerism in the United States only gets larger every day. This brief history summarizes some facts and fiction that helped keep our planet clean.

Earliest Garbage Regulation Efforts

3000 B.C. – The first landfill is developed when Knossos, Crete digs large holes for refuse. Garbage is dumped and filled with dirt at various levels.

2000 B.C. – China develops methods of Composting/Recycling, and recycling bronze for later use.

500 B.C. – Athens, Greece develops new law claiming garbage must be dumped at least one mile from the city.