Second Annual CFR Charity Row To Be Held June 16 At Sonny’s Place

The second annual CFR (CrossFit Revelation) Charity Row will be held Saturday, June 16 at Sonny’s Place in Somers, CT from 9am-12pm. Last year our charity was the MS Society and we were able to donate $12,000! ​CrossFit Revelation has selected Wade’s Army as the charity to row for. Wade’s Army was founded by the Welbourn and DeBruin families to recruit others to use their power for good and bring the fight to pediatric cancer. They are a non-profit bringing the fight against neuroblastoma and remembering Wade DeBruin’s battle with this deadly pediatric cancer. No one at any age deserves to get cancer, but when a cancer targets toddlers, it turns our world inside out. Take a closer look at

Donovan Abbe
Donovan Abbe, a 9-year-old from Enfield who is currently battling neuroblastoma.

People can help by joining a team, making a donation, becoming a sponsor or donating a raffle prize. Raffle tickets will be available to purchase throughout the event, with winners being chosen during lunch. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Donovan Abbe, a 9-year-old from Enfield who is currently battling neuroblastoma. Raffle prizes include Patriots tickets, UConn tickets, a 1-month membership to Romeo Athletics, gift cards and more.

This year’s event will be a marathon row, with teams of 5 or less rowing a total of 26.2 miles. Registration opens at 8am with the row starting at 9am. Each team is responsible for raising a minimum of $500. To watch an interview about the event with Andrew Romeo , owner of Romeo Athletics and Crossfit Revelation visit  If you have any questions, please reach out to Scott Montemerlo at The event is sponsored by USA Hauling & Recycling.

USA Waste Provides Waste and Recycling Service for the Belchertown Little League

USA Waste and Recycling would like to thank the Belchertown Little League for giving us the opportunity to help out with their waste and recycling needs!!!

NEW Belchertown customers will receive one free month of service!!!  CURRENT Belchertown customers can also receive one free month of service for referring a new customer!!!

Contact our amazing customer service team at:

1-800-998-2984 | |

USA Hauling Attends Waste360’s 50th Annual Waste Expo

We are attending the 50th annual Waste360’s WasteExpo in Las Vegas this week, running from April 23-26. The event will include 13,000+ people in attendance celebrating innovation, education and networking within the industry. If you’re going to be in attendance, make sure to check out the National Waste & Recycling Association Woman’s Council’s Carts on Display, where we entered our cart, titled “Soaring With Community.”

Springfield Thunderbirds help Katrina King, legally blind superfan, see her favorite sport

SPRINGFIELD – Calling it a Christmas miracle might be a stretch. Luck didn’t bring Katrina King and her father, Rick, to the Civic Center parking garage in late December. No, for the Kings, some 15 years after first seeing a hockey game together, there’s few places father and daughter would rather be than at the Mass Mutual Center for a Springfield Thunderbirds game.

But timing is everything. And as the Kings departed the arena, rolling under the low-hanging, multi-colored steel beams criss-crossing the ceiling, they rolled past Thunderbirds defenseman Ed Wittchow.

Rick saw him first, riding in the car next to the Kings. He waved over, catching Wittchow’s attention.

“Hey,” Rick said, “One of your big fans is sitting in the car.”

Rick stopped, then opened the car door. And before he knew it, he said, Wittchow and his daughter, Katrina, were having a conversation. Five minutes passed, become 10, then 15, the affable Wittchow chatting her up like an old friend. They both love dogs, Katrina learned. She has two, 10-year-old Lady and seven-month-old Boomer, the younger named after the Thunderbirds mascot.

The Kings thought it was little more than a nice behind-the-scenes moment. Just a fan and one of her favorite players sharing a candid moment away from the ice.

Read the rest of the article on MassLive…

Our Commitment to Employee Wellness

Our Commitment to Employee Wellness
By Mike Lauro – Human Resources

USA Hauling & Recycling has a deep commitment to the wellness of our employees. In addition to providing great health insurance benefits, we have a wellness committee, a safety team, and a commitment to technology that is for the benefit of each and every employee.

Our wellness committee runs programs throughout the year to teach our team about healthy living. Throughout the summer, we host healthy picnics at each of our sites teaching individuals the benefits of making the right choices when deciding what to eat. This healthy eating translated into our fall “Biggest Loser” competition. As a company, we lost 802 pounds in six weeks of competition! Our employees loved it and we will be running the program again continuing the message of healthy living.

While our wellness committee teaches us about how to live a healthier lifestyle, our safety team is committed to the wellness of employees on the job. The team analyzes any potential job hazards and what we can do to mitigate them to keep our employees in top shape. Looking at employee safety and wellness is what brings technology to our industry. While in years past you would see our workers lifting heavy trash cans and recycling bins that lead to injuries, we now use automated hydraulic systems operated by a joystick so employees can have less strain and prevent injuries.

A side-loader USA Hauling & Recycling truck using an automated hydraulic system to lift a residential trash bin. This system saves employees from lifting heavy trash bins that could potentially lead to an injury.

We continually strive to make our employees safer on the job and are even launching a “Safety Boot Program” where we will provide our safety sensitive employees with a Safety Boot allowance each year to help reduce the risk of injuries. Another step forward for the health and safety of our employees!

Whether it is creating programs for the health of our employees or preventing injuries with technology, USA Hauling & Recycling is committed to our team’s wellness.

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Stowe Family Resource Center Receives Gift

For the third consecutive year, we are proud to donate $10,000 to the Stowe Family Resource Center. The donation will fund the Learning through Play Group for the 2016-17 school year. Amy Morales, Family Resource Center Coordinator, said, “Our Learning through Play Groups are a wonderful setting for young children and families to come together to learn and grow.”

From the Hartford Courant:

Composting For The Large Generator

Are you one to be ahead of the game, or follow what others are doing?

Composting has become the next big thing! Did you know Connecticut was the first state to pass a law requiring large generators of food scraps and soiled paper to begin composting? This, in turn, creates more jobs, reduces our carbon footprint, enhances our landscapes, prevents soil erosion, and helps grow healthy crops. Organic materials should be thought of as a resource, not as waste.

Companies are beginning to learn the great benefits that can lead from the separation of compost-able material, such as reducing disposal fees at landfills and reducing their carbon foot print. Composting creates an organic fertilizer that is great for gardens, planting beds, reseeding lawns, and adding nutrients to the soil to keep plants healthier.

Compost symbol

Supermarkets, restaurants, and 2nd hand produce stands are just a few great candidates for this service. By diverting the trash out of the waste stream will help offset the cost of composting. “About 35 million tons of food waste, plus additional organic waste such as paper, paperboard, and yard trimmings, get sent to landfills and incinerators each year in the United States.” ~USEPA, 2012 Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Report. Food is the heaviest item in most waste streams. If you are creating large quantities of food waste, composting is something for you. These materials can be placed in compactors or dumpsters and then we deliver the material to the compost facility; easy as that.

Not only is food waste an easy nominee for composting but other disposable organics include:

  • soiled paper and waxed cardboard
  • yard trimmings
  • fats, oils, and greases

Click here to see full list of acceptable food scrap material

The compost that is created from your organics and food scraps will provide great nutrients for the soil, that then produces your plants in the farms for food. whyrecycle

In January 2014, CT Legislation made it official that all companies creating an average of 104 tons a year must separate the organic material from solid waste and also recycle materials at a permitted facility that is within 20 miles from the site. By 2020, the average for companies will become 52 tons per year. USA Hauling & Recycling can help you meet the Connecticut organic recycling regulations. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with their own customized approach for their waste and recycling needs. USA Hauling & Recycling is the experienced partner, having implemented food scraps and organics recycling programs for customers of all sizes and types.


For more information regarding this topic, visit: DEEP Commercial Organics Recycling Law Page

Stowe Early Learning Center’s grand opening wows the Enfield community with its diversity of programs

ENFIELD — More than 100 people — including local families, town officials, and donors — attended the grand opening of the Stowe Early Learning Center Wednesday night.

The former kindergarten through sixth-grade elementary school, located at 117 Post Office Road — which was decommissioned in 2011 and used by the Capital Regional Education Council for its Public Safety Academy from July of that year until June 2014 — is now home to several collaborative initiatives of the school system, the town, and the Key Initiatives To Early Education or KITE program that focus on…

Read the full article here: Stowe Early Learning Center’s grand opening wows the Enfield community with its diversity of programs

Source To Sea Cleanup 2016

The Connecticut River Watershed Council’s (CRWC) 20th Annual Source To Sea Cleanup was held this past Friday and Saturday, September 23-24. From their website “The Source to Sea Cleanup is an annual trash cleanup of the Connecticut River system – rivers, streams and banks, parks, boat launches, trails and more. Each fall, thousands of volunteers of all ages and abilities head out to places of their choice all along the four-state watershed (NH, VT, MA, CT) to clean the Connecticut River and its tributaries on foot or by boat.”

It was a beautiful morning to help keep the Connecticut River clean.

USA Hauling & Recycling was a sponsor and also assembled a group of volunteers to help with the event. The group included employees and their friends and families, totaling 38 volunteers of all ages, from throughout the state meeting at the Barnes Boat Launch on S River Street in Enfield, CT. From there the group split up to clean the surrounding area along the Connecticut River. Some went on kayaks to access harder to reach areas, some went down the street to Parsons Road, while others spread out to clean other areas along the river. The combined effort brought in over 2.5 tons of waste along the river in our location alone, including a couch, mattress, chairs and tires, along with many bags of trash.

Taking Out The Trash
Some of the items were a little harder to collect than others…

Make sure to vote for your favorite photos from the event at CT River Photo Contest 2016 starting at noon on Monday, October 3 and running through noon on Tuesday, October 11. You can vote for each photo once a day so make sure to vote for your favorites. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success and we hope to see even more volunteers next year!

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Customer Service – What Makes Us The Best?

Customer Service… What makes us the best?
By Sean O’Toole – Customer Service Manager



To be the best you must first have a clear understanding of what customer service is; as it is such a diverse area.  Most people think customer service is a department that treats customers with a friendly attitude and tries to resolve their problem or question as efficiently as possible. This is true, however, there is so much more that has to happen for a customer to be serviced to their satisfaction. For example, if a customer calls us to change the removal date of their container, we have to then update the scheduling which must be relayed to the driver through dispatch. The route must be subsequently recalculated to ensure other customers experience are not effected as the driver may have been counting on the removal to make his next delivery.  This is simply one example of how customer service is truly handled by the whole company instead of just the Customer Service Department. In our company, the whole company participates in customer service. We believe working as a team across all departments is what truly makes an exceptional customer service experience.


Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the best basketball players of all time. However, despite his great skill he could not have won any championships without the assistance and support of his team. His fellow teammates would aid him on the court by doing things like setting a pick for Jordan to make the crucial shot or making the tough pass to him for a game changing layup. He had such a long time in the spotlight due to his good team and great teamwork.

Our team knows that providing superior customer service needs to be solid much like an oak tree which consists of many living parts working & growing in unity. The root system is akin to our vast variety of service; our team is equipped to cater to all your needs, from the home, to your business or construction site.


The trunk of the tree represents our working platform for the day to day operations of our company. This includes our billing staff, operations workers, IT staff, web designer, and everyone that works to carry out the needs of the customer to ensure their satisfaction.

The branches of the tree are our Customer Service Representatives. These representatives are part of a diverse group with expert training, with plenty of experience to ensure all your individual needs are met in a timely fashion.

Most importantly are our leaves, our customers. The customers are the lifeblood of our company who provide the most valuable part of it all, their insight. This insight allows us to shape our company around our customers’ needs, which create the foundation of our company.

By providing your insight and opinion we are able to ensure the tree thrives. Without this, we slowly shrivel up to become a past memory. Your input combined with our experience has allowed us to grow over the past 41 years.  Our service has a reputation of being seamless. From the person that takes your request to the driver that delivers the container. We understand it needs to be an all in effort with company wide participation.


To meet customer expectations reliability needs to be second nature. This is why we are selective in the equipment that we purchase, the mechanic that works on the trucks, and the drivers that provide the service.  We know that we can not be the best without having the best to assist you.

Our oak tree is standing proud, thriving and growing every day. Through storm and calm, we have stuck with our core values. We do not run for cover when a storm comes, we in turn view it as an opportunity to gather rain to fuel our growth.  These opportunities to learn, to adapt, to improve, and to keep doing what our customers love; has molded us into what we are today.

We are a diverse group of departments with one desire in common.  We strive to provide paramount customer service, to internalize an instinct to assist you, to grow and to continue to train as a team.  We accept that we may not always grow the fastest or make every shot; however, this is where our passion & purpose unite. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress: working together is success.” Over time we have come together from many departments into one company, standing united against any adversity ready to serve you.  This is what makes our customer service the best!