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There are 5 million trucks and buses sharing the road with more than 250 million motorists. With stakes so high, it is essential that everyone Gets Road Smart.

How can YOU be a smart driver?


How is USA Hauling & Recycling “Road Smart”?

Our industry benchmarks are based on our drivers’ performance. Roadside Inspections are conducted by State inspectors or police who randomly stop commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to determine if drivers and trucks are compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Violations are entered into the MCMIS database. These inspections establish the bench marks used by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. USA Hauling & Recycling is proud that it’s scores make us the safest waste and recycling companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Additionally, the Safety Measurement System (SMS) evaluates a company’s crash history. The crash history used by the Crash Indicator is not specifically a behavior; rather, it is the consequence of behavior and may indicate a problem that warrants attention. The Crash Indicator is defined as follows:

Crash Indicator—Histories or patterns of high crash involvement, including frequency and severity. It is based on information from State-reported crash reports. Again, USA Hauling & Recycling is one of the safest companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

How does USA Hauling & Recycling use these benchmarks from the Safety Management Systems?


Our safety team evaluates the SMS history reports with supervisors on a regular basis to ensure our commitment to safety.


We use these reports to discuss ways to approach industry hurdles and educate our team.

  1. ADAPT

Our safety team and supervisors observe our drivers on the road and have monthly meetings to review and renew our commitment to road safety.


We seek to have highly qualified employees and provide them with the most sophisticated vehicles and equipment.

We have an extensive new hire orientation program that includes mentorship. Our new drivers are assigned to an experienced driver for one on one training. During the mentoring our trainers teach Advanced Driver Training skills, industry experience tips, and the safest way to service customers.


Our commercial vehicles are, on average, less than 3 years old and are equipped with GPS, scales, and driver cameras to better service our customers. Our fleet is the most updated and technically advanced on the street. We proudly provide the best equipment to our employees.


Included with our commitment to safety, we are committed to the environment. Many of our trucks are now running on compressed natural gas (CNG) in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed adding these vehicles each year to our fleet. By converting our fleet to CNG we are keeping our communities safe from harmful diesel emissions.

Learn more about our commitment to CNG here


Our drivers and maintenance employees monthly attend 2 safety meetings to review DOT and/or OSHA rules.


Our in house maintenance department employs certified mechanics to provide preventative maintenance on our fleet. These technicians are trained in computer analysis/diagnosis. Additionally, we employ technicians to service our containers and compaction equipment. This ensures that all equipment is properly functioning and enables us to make prompt repairs or replacements.

10th Annual Greater Hartford Go Red For Women

On Wednesday, March 18, employees from USA Hauling & Recycling and it’s affiliates attended the 10th Annual Greater Hartford Go Red for Women Luncheon at the Connecticut Convention Center. The event featured activities and information on how to stay heart healthy in Greater Hartford, as heart disease is the number one killer for women in America. Some activities included health screenings, chair massages, Zumba demonstrations and two breakout sessions: Viniyoga at work and a cooking with heart demonstration. The event also included support and donations for the American Heart Association. USA Hauling & Recycling was a Friends of Heart Level sponsor for the event and supports health and wellness among employees and everyone in our community.

Go Red For Women
Employees from USA Hauling & Recycling and it’s affiliates attend the 10th Annual Go Red For Women Luncheon at the Connecticut Convention Center on March 18th.

The event featured a presentation by keynote speaker Arianna Huffington, chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group. Named to Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list, Arianna also had a VIP signing of her latest book. Lisa Carberg of NBC Connecticut was the emcee for the 7th year in a row. For more information on the event visit the 2015 Greater Hartford Go Red For Women Luncheon website, or for national information, visit the Go Red For Women website.

Go Red For Women
Jayna Velic of USA Hauling & Recycling (left) with Lisa Carberg of NBC Connecticut (right), who emceed the 10th Annual Go Red For Women Luncheon at the Connecticut Convention Center on March 18th.

USA Hauling & Recycling Supports Local Food And Toy Drive

USA Hauling & Recycling recently participated in a food and toy drive in Enfield, Somers, East Windsor and Suffield, Connecticut. The toys will be distributed to all local police departments to supply their inventory. “This has been a heartwarming event for the last 15 years or so,” said Frank Marci, Public Relations Manager for USA Hauling & Recycling. “We love putting smiles on kid’s faces that may otherwise not have the opportunity to receive gifts during the holiday season.” Employees and their family and friends from all of USA Hauling & Recycling’s locations participated in the yearly event.

East Windsor food and toy drive
Lieutenant Poulin of the East Windsor Police Department (left), with Frank Marci (center) and Shawn Sniffen (right) of USA Hauling & Recycling, stand next to donations for the food and toy drive at a USA Hauling & Recycling office in East Windsor, CT.
Enfield food and toy drive
An Enfield Police Officer stands next to donations for the food and toy drive at USA Hauling & Recycling’s corporate office in Enfield, CT.


USA Hauling & Recycling Attends the 2014 CRC CT Organics Recycling Conference and Trade Show

USA Hauling & Recycling attended the 2014 Connecticut Recyclers’ Coalition (CRC) Connecticut Organics Recycling Conference and Trade Show on December 16, 2014 at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, Connecticut. Mark Murren (Permanent Sales Manager), Dave Casarano and Patti Oberg (Outside Sales Representatives) and Joe Engravalle (Major Accounts Manager) had a booth promoting USA Hauling & Recycling’s food scraps and organics recycling programs and to answers questions from attendees of the event about how the programs are beneficial to all involved.

The event included a speech from Lee Sawyer of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) on “…their plan to update the state’s current Solid Waste Management Plan pursuant to Public Act 14-94, including provisions for stakeholder and public input. The significance of the recycling of organic material as a key strategy to help meet the new 60% statewide recycling goal [was discussed] and an overview of Connecticut’s Organics Recycling Law.”

USA Hauling & Recycling's booth while attending the 2014 Connecticut Recyclers Coalition Connecticut Organics Recycling Conference & Trade Show at The Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, Connecticut on December 16, 2014.
USA Hauling & Recycling’s booth while attending the 2014 Connecticut Recyclers Coalition Connecticut Organics Recycling Conference & Trade Show at The Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, Connecticut on December 16, 2014.

The event also included talks about community and municipal composting programs where panelists spoke “…about their experience and lessons learned from their community and municipal composting programs. [They shared] where they see challenges and promise for future small to mid-scale organics recycling to develop in Connecticut.” During the commercial organics facilities forum, they spoke about “The state’s leading commercial composting facilities and anaerobic digestion developers [explained] their system operations and various technologies. In addition, they [presented] their views on the promise each holds toward overcoming the challenges to diverting the state’s organic waste from waste stream as well as the creation of sustainable energy and products.” The final forum included technologies and infrastructure challenges for statewide organics recycling and composting. Panelists included “waste haulers and large institutional and commercial food waste generators [presenting] their perspectives on the infrastructure challenges that must be overcome to achieve a successful statewide organics recycling program. The panel [addressed] where they see key barriers and opportunities with current issues, such as costs and logistics.”

As a proponent of increased usage of organics recycling in Connecticut and nationwide, USA Hauling & Recycling continues to stay at the forefront of innovations and supports its’ increased recognition as a viable option for commercial and residential purposes. For more information on how their program works and why it helps the community, see USA Hauling & Recycling’s Food Scraps & Organics Recycling page.

USA Hauling & Recycling is Awarded a NGV Achievement Award

USA Hauling & Recycling has been awarded a 2014 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Achievement Award for “their outstanding contributions toward the advancement of natural gas as a vehicular fuel.” As a pioneer in Connecticut for Natural Gas use in their trucks and by opening a clean compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Hartford in May 2013, USA Hauling & Recycling has shown a commitment to Natural Gas in their business and throughout the community.

CNG Station in Hartford, CT
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station at 35 Maxim Road in Hartford, CT opened by USA Hauling & Recycling on May 1, 2013. The station is open for public use.

According to the NGV America wesbite, winners must have achieved:

  • Have significantly advanced the use of natural gas as a vehicular fuel
  • Are unique, innovative or creative in approach to a problem or opportunity
  • Are specific and have measurable results
  • Advance community and NGV industry goals of improving air quality and reducing dependence on oil
  • Illustrate good character and are consistent with ethical business practices
Rear-load CNG Truck
USA Hauling & Recycling rear load Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck, part of their new fleet of environmentally friendly trucks replacing the old diesel trucks.

USA Hauling & Recycling has met all of these standards and more in their commitment to clean Natural Gas. But why is it so important to get away from gasoline and diesel and move towards alternative fuels like compressed natural gas? Moving to CNG helps the three largest challenges the country faces:

  1. CNG increases our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.
  2. CNG fosters local economic growth – domestic jobs are created in the capture of CNG and the build out of local infrastructure.
  3. It is environmentally far superior to gasoline or diesel. It is far cleaner for the environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in June of 2012 has also classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogen to humans. On top of that, there are many benefits for CNG use in vehicles economically and environmentally:

  • It is 98% domestic product
  • Produced here, distributed here = jobs here
  • Much more predictable source / less political risk source
  • Reduces dependence on foreign oil
  • 30% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • 85% less nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 90% less soot
  • 70-90% less carbon monoxide emissions
  • Trash trucks powered by CNG are 90% quieter than diesel burning trucks.
  • Public access CNG Fueling Station
  • In 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) added diesel exhaust to it’s list of known carcinogens

USA Hauling & Recycling will continue to support CNG usage in it’s commercial trucks as it converts all of it’s existing trucks over to the fuel. They also have additional plans for opening more natural gas stations in Connecticut to further promote it’s usage in the area. For more information on Compressed Natural Gas, check out USA Hauling & Recycling’s CNG page or’s What is CNG? page.

America Recycles Day 2014


November 15 is America Recycles Day and as many of you may know, USA Hauling & Recycling has been, and continues to be, a pioneer of recycling in the area. With the national recycling rate slightly above 34%, there is a great opportunity to increase the amount of material that gets recycled every day. “A 2014 NW&RA national survey found that a third of Americans are not clear on what materials go in recycling bins and carts.” By knowing what can and can’t be put into the recycling bins, people can feel confident that what they’re putting in the bins are going to the right place.

Single Stream Recycling
Single Stream Recycling makes recycling easier by allowing you to put all of your recyclables into one bin.

Not sure of what you can recycle and what you can’t? Check out our Recycling Page or check out this article on, “Top 10 in the Bin” List.

USA Hauling & Recycling has also done what it can to make it easier to recycle. By introducing Single Stream Recycling for many of our over 75,000 residential and 5,000 commercial customers, they now don’t need to worry about separating their recyclables. Customers can now put all of their recyclables in one bin and let us separate them afterward. USA Hauling & Recycling also offers multiple Recycled Landscaping Products recycled roof shingles, reprocessed concrete and recycled wood fiber animal bedding, to name a few. A new initiative USA Hauling & Recycling has introduced is Food Scraps & Organics Recycling, which allows customers to further reduce waste and increase their recycling rates.

How do organics get recycled
How does recycling food scraps and organics work? – USA Hauling & Recycling delivers organics and food scraps to facilities that produce compost providing our local soils with valuable nutrients. Closing the loop from farm to consumer and back to the earth.

By continuing to spread the knowledge of what can be recycled and improving technology to make it easier, we can continue making strides in making this planet greener for future generations. Are you doing anything special to recycle? Tips or suggestions? Leave a comment below!

“Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” Exhibit Opens Sponsored By USA Hauling & Recycling

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of an exhibit about the Manchester Road Race, sponsored by USA Hauling & Recycling, called “Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” was held on Wednesday, November 5th.  The ceremony took place at the Manchester Community College’s Arts and Education Center on Main Street in Manchester, just down the street from the start line for the annual race. The exhibit contains photos, facts and memorabilia about the race, it’s runners and the tradition of the race.

Attendees of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the exhibit “Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” take in some of the history of the race on November 5th, 2014

An area Thanksgiving morning tradition since it was established in 1927, the 4.748 mile race brings upwards of 15,000 runners and walkers a year, along with thousands of people cheering them on. In attendance for the ceremony was Julia Chase-Brand, the first woman to ever run in a major road race when she completed the Manchester Road Race in 1961.

Julie Chase-Brand (center) speaks about her experiences in the Manchester Road Race while Jim Balcome (left), Manchester Mayor Jay Moran (right) and a group listen during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the exhibit “Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” on November 5, 2014

The ceremony started with a ceremonial run down main street in honor of the exhibit by members of the Manchester High School cross country team. Inside, the ribbon cutting took place with Manchester Mayor Jay Moran holding one end of the ribbon. Jim Balcome, director of the Manchester Road Race then gave some history of the race, along with some words from Jay Moran, Stephen Gates, Manchester Board of Directors, Julia Chase-Brand and some other accomplished local runners showing support for the race.

Members of the Manchester High School cross country team on a ceremonial run down Main Street in Manchester in honor of the exhibit “Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” on November 5, 2014

As a proud sponsor of the Manchester Road Race, USA Hauling & Recycling will be providing trash and recycling services for the event.  The exhibit will be open free to visitors now through November 29th, Tuesday through Saturdays, including on Thanksgiving day. For more information about the race, you can visit

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the exhibit “Thanksgiving in Manchester: A History of the Manchester Road Race” in the Manchester Community College’s Arts and Education Center on Main Street in Manchester on November 5, 2014

USA Hauling & Recycling Supports CRWC’s Source To Sea Cleanup

USA Hauling & Recycling recently had a group of volunteers participate in the Connecticut River Watershed Council’s Source To Sea annual cleanup on September 27. We had a nice turnout and amazing weather while cleaning up near the Scantic River on Bailey Road in Enfield, CT.

The link below is to a photo of our very own Eric F and his daughter Naya that’s entered into their photo contest from the event. It’s a great photo, so let’s get as many votes as we can to help them win the photo contest.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered and we hope to have an even bigger turnout next year!

You can vote for the photo here:

The photo is about 2/3 of the way down the page and is called “Generations to Come.”

Source To Sea - Eric Naya
Source To Sea – Eric Naya