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There are 5 million trucks and buses sharing the road with more than 250 million motorists. With stakes so high, it is essential that everyone Gets Road Smart.

How can YOU be a smart driver?


How is USA Hauling & Recycling “Road Smart”?

Our industry benchmarks are based on our drivers’ performance. Roadside Inspections are conducted by State inspectors or police who randomly stop commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to determine if drivers and trucks are compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Violations are entered into the MCMIS database. These inspections establish the bench marks used by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. USA Hauling & Recycling is proud that it’s scores make us the safest waste and recycling companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Additionally, the Safety Measurement System (SMS) evaluates a company’s crash history. The crash history used by the Crash Indicator is not specifically a behavior; rather, it is the consequence of behavior and may indicate a problem that warrants attention. The Crash Indicator is defined as follows:

Crash Indicator—Histories or patterns of high crash involvement, including frequency and severity. It is based on information from State-reported crash reports. Again, USA Hauling & Recycling is one of the safest companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

How does USA Hauling & Recycling use these benchmarks from the Safety Management Systems?


Our safety team evaluates the SMS history reports with supervisors on a regular basis to ensure our commitment to safety.


We use these reports to discuss ways to approach industry hurdles and educate our team.

  1. ADAPT

Our safety team and supervisors observe our drivers on the road and have monthly meetings to review and renew our commitment to road safety.


We seek to have highly qualified employees and provide them with the most sophisticated vehicles and equipment.

We have an extensive new hire orientation program that includes mentorship. Our new drivers are assigned to an experienced driver for one on one training. During the mentoring our trainers teach Advanced Driver Training skills, industry experience tips, and the safest way to service customers.


Our commercial vehicles are, on average, less than 3 years old and are equipped with GPS, scales, and driver cameras to better service our customers. Our fleet is the most updated and technically advanced on the street. We proudly provide the best equipment to our employees.


Included with our commitment to safety, we are committed to the environment. Many of our trucks are now running on compressed natural gas (CNG) in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed adding these vehicles each year to our fleet. By converting our fleet to CNG we are keeping our communities safe from harmful diesel emissions.

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Our drivers and maintenance employees monthly attend 2 safety meetings to review DOT and/or OSHA rules.


Our in house maintenance department employs certified mechanics to provide preventative maintenance on our fleet. These technicians are trained in computer analysis/diagnosis. Additionally, we employ technicians to service our containers and compaction equipment. This ensures that all equipment is properly functioning and enables us to make prompt repairs or replacements.

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