Six Flags Recycling Center

Six Flags Continues Recycling Efforts With Help From USA Hauling & Recycling

As the largest amusement park in New England, Six Flags New England recognizes the opportunity they have to make a positive impact on the environment. They have been committed to lowering the waste produced at their park and have made a conscience effort to do so for years. As a whole, Six Flags has done it’s share to be environmentally friendly, including converting multiple trains, trams and vehicles to run on vegetable oil and also implemented “Six Flags Unplugged,” an energy awareness program created to educate employees on conservation, to name a couple.

In 2000, the New England park partnered with USA Hauling & Recycling to improve their recycling capabilities. At the time, Six Flags New England was still using a “source separate” method for recyclables; a slow, costly, time consuming process of separating recyclable materials on site before sending out to recycling facilities. Over the 14 years that Six Flags New England has been partnered with USA Hauling & Recycling, they have been instrumental in making strides in their recycling process.

Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England

With technology advances that have been made in the recycling industry, USA Hauling & Recycling has been able to help implement Single Stream Recycling into their plan, allowing for recycling stations to be setup throughout the park. Strategically placing these recycling centers in the park allows for easy recycling for patrons, saves money and ultimately allows for more material to be recycled that would have ended up in landfill. Six Flags New England now recycles upwards of 145 tons of material per year, which is quite an accomplishment for a seasonal facility that operates only 7 months a year from April until the end of October.

Six Flags will continue to be a leader in employing new  “green” practices and USA Hauling & Recycling will be there to keep the New England park on the cutting edge of waste management technology.

6 Flags Recycling Center
A recycling center at Six Flags New England


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