NGV Achievement Award

USA Hauling & Recycling is Awarded a NGV Achievement Award

USA Hauling & Recycling has been awarded a 2014 Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Achievement Award for “their outstanding contributions toward the advancement of natural gas as a vehicular fuel.” As a pioneer in Connecticut for Natural Gas use in their trucks and by opening a clean compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Hartford in May 2013, USA Hauling & Recycling has shown a commitment to Natural Gas in their business and throughout the community.

CNG Station in Hartford, CT
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station at 35 Maxim Road in Hartford, CT opened by USA Hauling & Recycling on May 1, 2013. The station is open for public use.

According to the NGV America wesbite, winners must have achieved:

  • Have significantly advanced the use of natural gas as a vehicular fuel
  • Are unique, innovative or creative in approach to a problem or opportunity
  • Are specific and have measurable results
  • Advance community and NGV industry goals of improving air quality and reducing dependence on oil
  • Illustrate good character and are consistent with ethical business practices
Rear-load CNG Truck
USA Hauling & Recycling rear load Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck, part of their new fleet of environmentally friendly trucks replacing the old diesel trucks.

USA Hauling & Recycling has met all of these standards and more in their commitment to clean Natural Gas. But why is it so important to get away from gasoline and diesel and move towards alternative fuels like compressed natural gas? Moving to CNG helps the three largest challenges the country faces:

  1. CNG increases our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.
  2. CNG fosters local economic growth – domestic jobs are created in the capture of CNG and the build out of local infrastructure.
  3. It is environmentally far superior to gasoline or diesel. It is far cleaner for the environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in June of 2012 has also classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogen to humans. On top of that, there are many benefits for CNG use in vehicles economically and environmentally:

  • It is 98% domestic product
  • Produced here, distributed here = jobs here
  • Much more predictable source / less political risk source
  • Reduces dependence on foreign oil
  • 30% less greenhouse gas emissions
  • 85% less nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 90% less soot
  • 70-90% less carbon monoxide emissions
  • Trash trucks powered by CNG are 90% quieter than diesel burning trucks.
  • Public access CNG Fueling Station
  • In 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) added diesel exhaust to it’s list of known carcinogens

USA Hauling & Recycling will continue to support CNG usage in it’s commercial trucks as it converts all of it’s existing trucks over to the fuel. They also have additional plans for opening more natural gas stations in Connecticut to further promote it’s usage in the area. For more information on Compressed Natural Gas, check out USA Hauling & Recycling’s CNG page or’s What is CNG? page.

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